Our Story

Sav-Mor's Beginning

Sav-Mor opened its doors on January 5, 1981. Carl Atkinson and Glenn Mitchell started it together. 'We built this business on honesty & integrity and believe that the most valuable asset in running a successful business is the customer.'   Today, Glenn continues to operate with honesty & integrity and makes sure his customers are taken care of the best way possible.

When you call in to Sav-Mor Auto, the first thing you'll always be greeted with is a cheerful voice saying, 'Saaaaaaaaav-Mor Auto!' This trademark greeting has a bit of history to it, something that started when Sav-Mor opened, at a time when Ed McMahon was greeting TV viewers every night with 'Heeeeeeeeere's Jonny!' For three decades, Sav-Mor Auto has provided cheerful, friendly, personal service to its customers.