Orem Auto Mechanic

Orem Auto Mechanic

You start up your car in the morning and you see the dreaded “check engine” light. Is it serious? Is it minor? Is it just a glitch in your car’s wiring? You’ve had this happen to you before and you know how stressful it can be in your busy life. At SavMor Auto, your number one Orem Mechanic, we put our customers needs first. We will help take away as much of your stress as we can when it comes to fixing your car.

At SavMor Auto, we know that when we treat our customers right, they become customers for life. That is why our aim is always focused on making your visit with us is a positive one, every time. Carl Atkinson and Glenn Mitchell started SavMor Auto together in 1981 with a determination to always be your reliable mechanic. “We built this business on honesty and integrity and believe that the most valuable asset in running a successful business is the customer.”

Some of the services that SavMor Auto provides include: complete computer diagnostics, safety and emissions, engine replacement, electrical/wiring, air conditioning, radiators, diesels, suspension, and rack and pinion. If your car has a problem, bring it in and we can fix it.

Two concerns a lot of customers have when they take their cars to an Orem auto mechanic are if the mechanics will actually find the problem, and if the mechanics are going to fix things that don’t need to be fixed. Here at SavMor Auto, we will find the problem and let you know with all honesty if there are other problems that need to be fixed.

Those who have chosen SavMor as their Orem mechanic have been very satisfied with the service they have received. You too will be a satisfied customer. So bring your car into our Orem location, call us at (801) 224-2221, or visit us at www.savmorauto.com. You, your car, and your wallet will be happy you did.


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