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Diagnostics are a vital part of auto repair on today's cars. 15 years ago it was probably 20 percent diagnostics and 80 percent repairs, but on todays vehicles with the many different computers and modules, it has almost flip-flopped to 80 percent diagnostic and 20 percent repairs. It is vital to do a proper diagnostic on a vehicle because parts are expensive and if you assume a part needs to be replaced without first diagnosing, you can end up spending a lot of money on parts that were not needed in the first place.

"Check Engine" Lights

Many people don't know that 'Check Engine' lights don't always tell you what is wrong, they generally just help point the technician in the right direction to further diagnose. For example, if your check engine light comes on for an oxygen sensor, it could be anything from the sensor itself, to a bad wire, to the computer interpreting incorrect voltage. In this complicated world of computers, it is important to have a trained and experienced technician working on your vehicle.

Trip Inspections

Trip inspections are good to keep in mind before traveling long distances, because we all know that if you get stranded in the middle of southern Utah it is hard to keep your kids entertained, so let's all stay happy and stress free and get your car checked out on a regular basis, especially before long trips!

Service Spotlight

Headlight Polishing

During the winter months we drive much more in the dark and are therefore using our headlights more often. For your safety it is important to make sure that your headlights are putting out as much light as possible.

During the 1980's most manufacturers stopped making headlights out of glass and they started making them out of polycarbonate or plastic. Polycarbonate is a great material for headlights, however it is prone to oxidation from UV rays. Oxidation of polycarbonate headlights cause them to become cloudy or take on a yellowish tinge. This is due to micro-cracks that develop on the headlight surface.

Our technicians have the materials and knowledge on how to properly polish your headlights back to their original clarity, saving you, many times, costly expense of purchasing new headlights.

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Safety and Emissions

Mention that you saw this on our website and receive a Free safety inspection with the purchase of an emissions test.

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