We all know the stereotypes associated with mechanics. Dealerships always tend to overcharge. National or local chain stores try to jerk you around. So whom should you trust? Sav Mor Auto shares tips on how to find a good mechanic in your area.

First, get online. If you know the problem with your car ask a car forum for recommendations specific to your make and model. Car forums have great reputations. Once you have a recommendation, go to the mechanicís website and see what they are all about for yourself.

Once you have found a mechanic shop you like, go check out the shopís appearance. Reputable businesses take pride in their appearance. Make sure the tools are clean and organized. Make sure the shop is well lit. Make sure a bunch of old rusty vehicles are not out front.

If the mechanic shop passed the appearance test, meet the mechanic. Itís important to meet the person working on your car. Talk to the mechanics at the shop and make sure they are easy to talk to and someone you can trust. Itís also a good idea to ask what kind of parts they use.

If you are looking for a good mechanic and you live in the Provo/Orem area, Sav-Mor auto is your place to go. Sav-Mor Auto has been serving the Provo/Orem area since 1981. We have over 156 years of experience between all our mechanics. We were founded on honesty and integrity. Itís our mission to provide superior service to our customers and their vehicles. We only use top quality parts for repairing vehicles. Plus all of our repairs come with a guarantee. Call, come in, or visit our website today. Youíll be glad you did!


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